Brand Intro
 Min Fu International Holdings Limited (08511. HK) is a supplier of intelligent manufacturing solutions. Through years of experience in the field of science and technology, it is now committed to expanding its business to intelligent manufacturing and digital upgrading solutions. The development direction is urban complexes, cultural tourist attractions and cemetery industries in Chinese Mainland.

At present, the company is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions. The solutions are project-based and customized according to each customer's technical requirements and business needs to meet the different needs of customers. Help the existing industries to realize digital upgrading, provide upgrading schemes, and build a "smart Park" by combining hardware and software; At the same time, in terms of energy, provide comprehensive technology upgrading and management services for carbon neutralization, introduce mature technologies and experience in the field of carbon neutralization, and help industries realize the strategic objectives of "industrial digitization" and "carbon neutralization" in advance.

Product Intro