Enterprise spirit ---- honesty and trustworthiness, loyalty enterprise, fine and efficient, practical and self-discipline

    "Treat people with sincerity, and act with trust, and be honest with others," to be honest, to be honest, to be honest, to keep promises, to be creditworthy, to behave in a noble personality and moral sentiment.
    Being loyal to the company's career development, it will closely link the fate of individuals with the company, work hard with the company, share the honor and disgrace, work hard, actively contribute, self-achievement, and excellence.
Based on a common business, a strict management team with strict discipline, strict management, solidarity and enterprising, and pragmatic and high-efficiency will be established. With regard to the production and business activities of the company, specialization, intensive, standardized, and refined management will be carried out to achieve high efficiency and economy of management. The high efficiency.
     The corporate education staff are loyal and dedicated to work, strict with self-discipline, take the law and system as the yardstick, take the initiative to take responsibility, perform their duties consciously, and make progress together as the company continues to grow and expand.